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El contingut de la pàgina no s'admet en altres llengües.
En aquest moment, aquest usuari està temporalment inactiu
Pot ser que l'usuari estigui molt enfeinat, no tingui connexió a Internet o qualsevol altra raó...

el comentari anterior sense signar és fet per Xavier Dengra (discussió • contribucions) 17:33, 5 ago 2009 (CEST).[respon]

I am a steward (see my user page) and I will be active here if and when steward business requires it. I am sorry but I do not speak Catalonian, although we have had some exchange students stay with us that do. Hope that helps clarify any questions folk may have. Lar 03:20, 6 ago 2009 (CEST)[respon]


Hi, Lar,

First, excuses my English. I have placed the template of inactivity on your page of user since here they edit quite a lot of novel and school users and the communication is facilitated like this among the usual users, who are usually few. If it does not seem a good idea to you, forgive the troubles and eliminate it. --Xavier D. Digues-me! 21:10, 7 ago 2009 (CEST)[respon]

Oh, no problem. I noticed you left it on a number of other users too. It makes sense when you explain it that way, it certainly could reduce confusion. Perhaps only put it on user pages not both user and talk? Not sure. Lar 22:15, 7 ago 2009 (CEST)[respon]
I have made it like this following the same instructions of the Viquipèdia, where it indicates that the template puts so much to the page of user as the discussion (here). But especially I make it like this for the fact that both if a user connects on the page of user or in the discussion, in a fast way it notices that it does not serve as anything to contact that user. It's very frustant to contact with somebody and that does not reply, and more if what he asks is novel. I say it for own experience. --Xavier D. Digues-me! 23:30, 7 ago 2009 (CEST)[respon]
If you speak Spanish, you could translate the section in English of this page, please (Català/Benvinguda multilingüe)? Thanks! --Xavier D. Digues-me! 23:37, 7 ago 2009 (CEST)[respon]
I do not speak Spanish or Catalan. However we will be having an exchange student visit us in a week or two, and he speaks Catalan so I will ask him to do it, if it can wait a week or so. As for the leaving messages, I have my email settings set so I get notified (which I think all stewards and global wiki workers should do on every wiki they are on...) but unfortunately not everyone does that. Please feel free to leave me messages as you need to. Lar 01:21, 8 ago 2009 (CEST)[respon]
I went ahead and used Google Translate and took a first cut. I will ask (our) Xavier to take a look when he gets here, he speaks Catalan at home. Lar 01:52, 8 ago 2009 (CEST)[respon]