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This manual refers to the current version of LMMS, version 0.4. For an older version of LMMS, see 0.3:Manual


Short, introductory pages on each topic, establishing what you need to run LMMS and understand this document.

Installing LMMS
Compiling LMMS (advanced users/developers)


Step-by-step task-oriented guides to achieving particular goals in LMMS.

Getting Started - a brief walk-through for the impatient
Your First Song with LMMS - a more step-by-step tutorial
Making Triple-Oscillator patches - Guidelines for creating useful triple-oscillator patches

Els components de l'LMMS[modifica]

A thematic description of how the various tools/elements in LMMS work.

Working with Instruments
Working with Samples
Composing in the Piano Roll Editor
Composing Bass Lines and Drum Sequences
Putting the song together
Working with Automation
Working with LADSPA effects
Working with Controllers
Working with Effects and the Mixer
Working with VSTs
Using MIDI
Exporting the Song


A reference style description of the functions of each menu item and tool, including how it fits in with the tasks in the Using LMMS section.



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